Reporting Income Changes Forms & Info

Friendly Reminder

As a participant of the Housing Choice Voucher program one of the many family obligations is to report all changes in family composition and/or income within 14 days of the occurrence in writing.  The income change form is provided by our agency to report changes. The forms necessary to start reporting an income change are located below or in the main office at 662 Academy Place Villas Oviedo, FL 32765. Completed forms can be submitted by mail, fax (407) 359-2576 or a drop box located at the office.

**Be advised that change forms will not be mailed**

 A date stamped copy is provided to anyone submitting changes during normal business hours. We encourage you to keep your copy for possible future reference.

If there are any questions or concerns please contact us at 407-365-3621.

Instructions to Completing Your Change

Information Release Forms:

Both Authorization for the Release of Information forms must be signed by the person with the change if 18 or older and the head of household.

Verification Required:

**You are required to submit verification of your change**

New employment: examples of verification is as follows: a letter from employer, acceptance letter, or all pay-stubs received to date, or payroll history print out.

Self Employed: request self- employment worksheets and additional instructions on how to complete them.

Loss of Employment: copy of termination letter

Family or Organizational Support: request the “Statement of Financial Assistance” form

Student Status: provide a copy of the enrollment verification certificate from the National Student Clearinghouse.  (

All other changes: a copy of the letter that you received notify you of the change


If you are unclear on anything stated above please ask for further clarification. Failure to complete the forms correctly or supply verification will result in the delay of your change being processed.


Income Change Package

Statement of Financial Assistance

 Self Employment Worksheet